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70th Luxembourg International Dog Show

By Karl Donvil,
Apr 28, 2005, 11:07

For the 70th Anniversary of the International Dog Show Luxembourg 2005. One could expect that the organisers might arrange something special by way of a celebration to mark the event. They had certainly done just that, one of the most obvious being a new winners' podium, which must have been one of the most beautiful ever seen.

It was designed and decorated by Mrs. Schwab and was a real tribute to the winners and an example of how, a prestigious podium and background can be built. The whole thing was done with vision and good taste, and was greatly admired by all concerned. In addition to the podium Tom Diederich had designed a lovely cover for the catalogue, and many exhibitors were so excited that quite a number went to ask if it was possible to obtain a poster from the secretary's office!

The staff at the show had really worked hard to make this anniversary show special, and were delighted by yet another rise in the entry figures, which were up by over 100 entries, resulting in a new record of 4325 entries spread over 248 different breeds. All this was judged by 40 judges from no fewer  then 18 different countries (as far as Argentina!) while the dogs came from 23 different countries. France had the highest number of 1173, followed by Germany with 1051, Belgium with 823 and Holland with 558. Remarkably enough there were no fewer than 72 Russian entries and 71 from the Czech Republic.

Those fascinating numbers don't end there either as there was also large numbers of certain breeds present. Mr.Jos De Cuyper from Belgium was the record holder with 112 English Cockers to judge. Mr.Javier Sanchez from Spain had 79 American Staffordshires. Mr.Zvi Kupferberg from Israel had 49 Rhodesian Ridgebacks on Saturday and 65 Boxers on Sunday. Mr. Enrique Mate from Spain had 114 Golden Retrievers with his co-judge  Mrs.Jolanda Vandoni from Italy. Mrs.Vandoni also had a record number of 95 Newfoundlands on Sunday. Mr.Terry Thorn from the UK had 85 Afghan Hounds on Saturday and 53 Pugs on Sunday, whilst  Mrs. Marina Ostrovskaia from Russia had 42 Borzois and 66 Whippets the first day and 41 Leonbergers the next. Mr.Erik Pedersen from Denmark was honoured with 44 Bearded Collies in his ring and Mrs.Ruth Wagner from Luxemburg had an entry of 55 Border Collies. The Rough Collies were for Mr.Valerie Geddes from Britain, while 49 Aussies lay in wait for judge Denis Kuzels from Slovenia.

A remarkable number of 75 Miniature Schnauzers were entered for compatriot Zelba Fon Zidas on Saturday. The Great Danes numbered 103 and were divided up between Anatoli Zhuk and Michael Neugel from Switzerland. les Price from the UK, had 61 Rottweilers, while 55 Bulldogs were judged by Séames Oates from Ireland. The 109 Dobermans were divided between  Lynn Rock from the UK who judged the males and Mr.Louis Manuel Catalan from Portugal who did the females. We all know that the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are very popular nowadays and it was no surprise that 87 turned up for Mrs Zena Thorn-Andrews from Britain. The Dachshunds were well represented, with 169 present.

Mrs Zena Thorn-Andrews judged the Standards, Mr Erwin Deutscher from Austria added the Miniatures to his list, whilst the Kaninchen's were judged by  Mr Guido Vandoni. The 147 Poodles were also divided between two judges.


Mrs Maria Theresa Durando-Fassio from Italy had the honour of judging the Standards and Mediums. The Miniatures and Toys went to Mrs. Tiina Taulos from Finland for assesment. These sorts of numbers are generally only found at club specialities!

Initially one wondered whether the Schedule for Sunday would end very late.  With the three largest groups,(1,2,& 9) being judged on the Saturday, 2,359 dogs in all, it meant that there would be seven groups to go through on the Sunday, as well as the Best In Show. It was obvious that it would be a very tight schedule for the main ring on Sunday. As it turned out there was no need to be worried. The organisers here are very experienced, and everything ran  smoothly and to time.

The honour of judging BIS went to Mr. Hans Müller, president of the FCI. His 3rd place went to a breed he particularly likes, the Rhodesian Ridgeback.

It was the dog Matabo Mozi Folwark Zwierzery owned and handled by Joanna Borowiec from Poland. Runner-up and Reserve BIS went to the Bearded Collie Firstprizebears Apache owned by Connie Hartman from Belgium.

It was no surprise to anyone that Mr. Müller chose the winner of the Companion Group 9 as his BIS. He must have been highly impressed by that little Oriental Maltese, who has been flown over from his home in Bangkok to compete on the  Europeam circuit, where he has won one BIS after another.

You only have to read previous show reports from this area in order to understand just how successful he has been. Multi Ch Funny Ladies Segarl, is owned by Mrs.Tansache and Mr.Heinesche and handled here by the latter.

What a showman this small dog is, and  to an extent one seldom sees. He pulls out all the stops and moves with such grace, pride and elegance. His coat is so exquisite and brilliant white and he has energy beyond imagination.

He poses for the cameras like a veteran film star, even after hours of grooming and showing he hardly blinks an eyebrow, and looks proud and self confident whatever the circumstances going on around him. He has it all, oriental mysticism, showmanship and quality, all united in this small creature.

Luxembourg was certainly one of the highlights of his career. He is still quite a youngster, and all being well, there should be further big wins expected from this splendid animal. Meanwhile, Luxembourg shows too seem to be going from strength to strength, and we can look forward with confidence to the autumn show, to be held on the 3rd and 4th  of September, whose entry figures may be expected to rise yet again for this popular show.

l A truly International judging panel representing 18 countries, An International Best In Show line up, headed by the Maltese from Thailand, and the beautiful Podium designed for Luxembourg's 70th Anniversary.

l Another Best In Show award for the Maltese from Thailand Multi.Ch.Funny Ladies Segarl owned by Tansache & Heinesche (both shown), with Best In Show judge Hans Müller (Switzerland) the President of the F.C.I.

l Winner of Group 1 under judge Mr Guido Vandoni (Italy) was the Bearded Collie, Connie & Joop Hartmann's Firstprizebears Apache, who later went Res BIS.

l Winner of Group 6 under Israel's Zvi Kupferberg, and later 3rd BIS was the Rhodesian Ridgeback Matabo Mozi Folwark Zwierzery owned by Joanna Borowiec (Poland).

l The American Stafford "Andromeda" topped group 3 for Italian owners Lievorels Edition, the judge was Javier Sanchez-Fernandez (Spain)

l UKs Zena Thorn-Andrews was the judge for Dachshund group 4, her winner being the Standard Wire hair, Van-Zijl's Elpaso v.d.Vliegende Kiep. (Holland)

l Another very International line up in Group 5 under judge Denis Kuzelj (Slovenia), with victory going to the Italian owned Alaskan Malamute Maurizio Pizzolata's Crusader del Biaggio, whilst 2nd went to a Spanish Husky, & 3rd to Portugal.

l Carlos Saevich (Argentina) judged group 2, and chose the Bernese Mountain Dog Alpenbach Wandering Star, owned by Rosaria Murtas (Italy).

l Luis Manuel Catalan (Portugal) judged Gp 8, his winner being the Golden Retriever Knipperborg's Sequins Shamrock (Holland)

l Terry Thorn, one of the UK's most experienced judges, awarded Gp10 to the Afghan from France, Coton, Gallardo & Duque's, Khafka's Exotic Spice.

l The winning breeding group under judge Erwin Deutscher (Austia) were the beautifully matched Shih Tzus representing the Bohemia Acro Kennel of`Jarmila Podzemska.

l Miroslav Zidar (Slovenia) judged the male puppies best in show on the Saturday, finding his winner in the Shih Tzu Milet Plomteux' Donatellos de l'Eau D'Aaz.

l Best male puppy on the Sunday was the Samoyed from Luxembourg, Morell & Kim Jensen Gitte's Cabaka's Deejay of Yacker. The judge was Mme Elsbeth Clerc (Switzerland).

l Best Junior male on the Sunday under judge Carlos Saevich (Argentina) was Mroczek & Cyperling's Basset Hound Swede Sun's Harold.

l Marina Ostrovskaia(Russia) judged best junior male on the Sunday, finding her winner in the Landseer Newfoundland Mollier's Une Etoile de la Plume de Pam Moire.

l Best Veteran in show on the Saturday under judge Hans Erik Peversen (Denmark) was the Schapendoes, Gabrielle Lyhs' Zinderella Rockefeller (lux).

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